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Hi! I'm Stephanie Mandel.

Stephanie is a Holistic Health Practitioner and works with young, health-conscious women to relieve interconnected physical and emotional symptoms that arise from the stressful demands of adulthood.

By combining personalized nutritional guidance, energy work and stress management techniques, Stephanie helps her clients take control of their mood and health, creating a stronger sense of physical freedom and inner peace.

With a decade of experience, Stephanie identifies the underlying physical and emotional imbalances impacting your overall health, and guides her clients through tailored programs that have been proven to improve energy, gut health, and emotional wellbeing.

Stephanie can help you to…

  • Heal uncomfortable physical symptoms, gut-related issues, and pain through personalized nutrition and energy healing

  • Identify and clear emotional blocks through tapping and energy work

  • Increase your resilience to stress and anxiety by teaching you stress management techniques to use at home

  • Feel more energized by removing any physical and/or emotional barriers

Stephanie is passionate about relieving people from uncomfortable symptoms through the use of alternative therapies. She uses the Emotion & Body Code™ and Mind Body Spirit Release™ energy clearing techniques to encourage the processing of past traumas and emotional blocks, and teaches her clients how to use EFT tapping to address subconscious negative and limiting beliefs. Tapping is a powerful and research-backed technique that helps to improve mood, reduce anxiety and phobias, and even improve relationships. 

When Stephanie looks at nutrition, she guides her clients through bio-individual protocols to enhance drainage systems, reduce inflammation, and address imbalances including leaky gut, candida, parasites, heavy metals, viruses, mould and more. 

Through the use of these proven techniques and therapies, and her experience in treating a multitude of symptoms, Stephanie has helped many young women to resolve recurring symptoms that they’ve suffered with for years such as abdominal gas and bloating, anxiety and depression and chronic fatigue and pain, to name a few. 


To find out more about Stephanie and her services, follow her on Instagram @stephaniemandelwellness.



  • Certified Nutrition Consultant

  • Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition®

  • National Association of Nutrition Professionals (NANP) member

  • Certified Emotion & Body™ Practitioner

  • Certified Professional-Level Mind Body Spirit Release™ Practitioner 

  • EFT "Tapping" Level 1 & 2 Trained Practitioner 

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