Hi there! I'm Stephanie Mandel.

Stephanie is a board-certified holistic nutrition consultant (BCHN, NC), EFT tapping coach and integrative health practitioner who teaches busy women how to regain control of their health so they can feel calmer, happier, and more energetic. 

With 7+ years of experience guiding her clients toward physical and emotional wellbeing, she identifies underlying root causes of symptoms and guides them through personalized programs to get them where they want to be. 

Learn how to finally heal your body and calm your mind by learning how your individual body and mind work and how you can thrive. 

So, if you want to:

  • Heal from chronic issues around digestion, hormones, skin, joint pain, and more 

  • Feel calmer and happier

  • Sleep more deeply and feel more energized

  • Understand which foods work for your body and are best for your long-term health

  • Find balance between eating clean and enjoying your food

  • Understand which supplements will actually help you toward your goals