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Welcome to my testimonials

“I feel so much better. So much calmer. Why doesn't everybody know about this?”

- Jessica G., EFT Tapping client

“Hi beautiful, I just want to thank you once again for all you did for me last year. I was just thinking back to how horrible I used to feel and it’s wonderful to not feel like that anymore. Literally everything went away. Keep being great! The world needs you!”


Gemma K., Nutrition and Emotion & Body Code client



“Whatever you did was magic. Amazing stuff happened after our session and I’m shocked.”


Amanda K., Emotion & Body Code Client



“I’m feeling so much better - more zen, less pain.”


Stacy R., Nutrition and Emotion & Body Code client



“I’m a lot less reactive, I’m calmer with people. I feel less angry and confused; I’m also much happier with my weight and I’m eating better. I’m more aware of how foods affect me and making more mindful choices.”


Dana L., Nutrition, EFT Tapping and Emotion & Body Code client



“I feel so much freer, I’m not bloated - I don’t even think about my digestion anymore!”


Ali L., Nutrition client



“There’s something lighter about me, I don’t know how to explain it. I don’t feel the same emotional weight I did…there’s more of a state of ease.”


Lauren B., EFT Tapping and Emotion & Body Code client


“This has been amazing for me - I’m making progress!”


Christina S., Nutrition and EFT Tapping client

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