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Top Supplements & Favorite Products

Supplement and health product quality makes the difference between whether they're worth your money or not, and whether they are likely to give you the results you want. Supplements sold at pharmacies and big box stores are often full of artificial coloring and unwanted additives, and the ingredient quality often renders them ineffective. The brands and products I trust and use most often in my practice are below. Please feel free to reference this page frequently as your one-stop-shop supplement resource. You should always consult with your Doctor or PCP before starting a new supplement or nutrition protocol. For more information, see terms and conditions.

So many of my clients come with a laundry list of supplements and 95% of them are not helping their body at all. For specific supplements based on what you might be going through, please schedule a consult as it will be tailored to you. However, if you are seeking general recommendations, the ones listed below are well researched.

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