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One of the deepest and most common root causes of physical illness….

*Living out of alignment with your true authentic self*

Your authentic self can (and often does) change over time.

As you grow and evolve, what you need to live in total alignment with your authentic self will change accordingly.

This could look like:

  • New dynamics in relationships - with your partner, your friends, your family

  • How you treat or talk to yourself

  • How you relate to your job or how you spend each day

  • How you express yourself

  • What you choose to consume (food, media, other peoples' energy)

If you're living out of alignment with your authentic self, you might feel:

  • Distant from or unsupported by your partner / friends / family

  • Feeling disconnected from / unmotivated or uninspired by your work

  • Constantly frustrated or annoyed

  • Pessimistic outlook or waking up dreading the day (on repeat)

  • Feeling exhausted or drained by your day (despite adequate sleep and self care)

Physically, I’ve seen this kind of off-ness contribute to pretty much any symptom you can think of, with them often resolving or improving once the necessary changes in life are made. The changes don’t necessarily have to be big. Even a small step toward changing a frustrating dynamic can create a ripple effect in the subconscious mind — a sense of empowerment — that translates into improved physical health. Examples include:

  • Chronic gut issues (bloating, gas, constipation, etc.)

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Skin issues

  • Hormonal imbalances (PMS, irregular cycles, painful periods, etc.)

  • Headaches

  • Joint pain

We all get into a funk every now and then; I’m talking about feeling out-of-whack for a prolonged period of time. Of course proper physical support is needed, though this is often a big missing piece of the puzzle.

Getting clear on who you are at your core and your deepest desires will guide you toward living the most authentic - and by extension the healthiest - life possible.

But if you are playing small

Surrounded by a victim mentality, whether within yourself or those around you

Afraid of taking risks

Afraid of being vulnerability

Afraid of being seen or heard

…not only can this create emotional frustration, sadness, confusion… it will likely also present itself physically in any range of symptoms.

Journaling - which many people write off as lame or something they don’t have time for - can be extraordinarily powerful and even life changing when you actually commit to it. You’ll start to see patterns and connections come out on the page that they weren’t able to access by just thinking about things.

Sometimes it takes a change in environment to gain clarity.

Getting out of your normal daily environment could look like:

  • Going outside - writing in a park or in your backyard

  • Going to a friend or family member’s house for a change of scenery

  • A trip to the beach / mountains / forest

  • Going to a coffee shop or library

  • Even just a different spot in your home that you don’t normally spend time in - a different chair at the table, a new position on the couch

Once you’re somewhere you can focus, write whatever comes to you when you think about these prompts:

  • Is there something missing from your day or week that would make it feel more satisfying? (More fun? Art? Sex? Adventure? More/less intellectual / silly / thought-provoking forms of entertainment? More time with friends? More time for yourself?)

  • How do you feel when you’re alone for a given period of time? (Are you ever alone? Do you need more alone time? Does being alone make you feel uncomfortable? Describe what you feel in your body and the thoughts that come to mind)

  • Who in your life lifts you up, gives you energy, accepts you as you are? Do you notice any common traits among them? Does it feel like everyone is draining?

  • How do you feel at different times of day?

  • When you wake up (Excited? Anxious? Immediately looking for distraction?)

  • Midday (Frazzled? Happily productive? Focused? Overwhelmed or out of control?)

  • At night before bed (Relieved? Drained? Annoyed? Safe?)

  • Look at patterns and shifts over the course of a day. This can give you clues as to where changes will provide the most benefit.

Come back to these prompts daily or weekly for a month.

You don’t need to spend much time - a few bullet points for each prompt is plenty; though if the words start flowing, that’s great too. Write as much or little as you want.

See what emerges.

Do you notice any areas where you could take small steps to feel more aligned?

More tools for clarity and change:

  • Meditation - the Open app is a great place to start if you’re new to it; eventually it will give you access to deeper self-knowing

  • Programs like To Be Magnetic - they have a great series of journaling prompts and deep meditations to help you discover your true “authentic code” (feel free to use code STEPHANIE6227 for 15% off)

  • Therapy with a practitioner who will help you recognize thought patterns, especially in areas where you feel stuck — this increases self-knowledge on a conscious level

  • EFT Tapping, Emotion & Body Code and Mind Body Spirit Release (MBSR) to help identify and shift thoughts, beliefs and emotional blocks on the subconscious and ancestral levels

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