9 Tips to Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Have you been waking up too early lately? You’re not alone! Something (I suspect heightened levels of stress) is making it more difficult to stay asleep. Here are a few key things I recommend doing throughout the day for deep sleep, plus what to do if you wake up 3-5am and want another couple hours of rest.

General sleep tips!

1️⃣ Get direct sunlight on your eyeballs! Morning is ideal but just get out when you can. No sunglasses! This helps regulate your body's sleep-wake cycle

2️⃣ Break up the daily stress cycle - intersperse short breathing / tapping / meditation etc sessions throughout your day so your body and mind feel more grounded throughout the day and have an easier time transitioning into nighttime mode

3️⃣ Block that blue light! Built in nighttime mode isn't enough. If you're exposed to any screens at night, including your phone, sport some blue light blocking specs once the sun goes down. I like Felix Gray and BluBlox.

4️⃣ Stop eating 3 hours before bedtime - it's hard for the body to digest and sleep deeply at the same time

5️⃣ Magnesium Glycinate by Daily Benefit - helps your muscles relax

Tips for early walking:

Remember supplements and dosing need to be individualized! Just sharing what I've seen work so you're aware of some options that might be worth trying under a professional's supervision:

1️⃣ 200 mg of Zen by Allergy Research Group

2️⃣ Phosphatidylserine (I like Integrative Therapeutics) - binds up excess cortisol

3️⃣ Glysom - glycine powder - calming

4️⃣ Block out early morning light with black out shades and eyemasks

**important** note -- sleep issues often point us toward other underlying issues that need to be addressed. Adrenal issues, thyroid, hormonal imbalances, blood sugar imbalance to name a few...

Work with a practitioner who understands hormones and nutritional supplements to help you find what works for you! Learn how to schedule a free discovery session with me.

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The above content is intended for informational purposes only and is not to be construed as medical advice.

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