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My Top Picks for Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Just because you're healing doesn't mean you have to give up fun drinks...

One of the biggest game changers when trying to improve your health, in pretty much all ways, is reducing alcohol intake. And yet, it can be one of the hardest things to give up, especially if you've gotten used to a ritual of relaxing with a drink at the end of the day. Interestingly, when I explore this pattern with clients, the majority say that it's more about the ritual than the alcohol itself.

Luckily, there are so many beautifully-designed non-alcoholic drink options available these days; the trick is finding ones that don't have a lot of added sugar or other unhealthy ingredients. Because so many of you are working to improve your gut health, yeast can also be an issue (think candida and other kinds of yeast overgrowth), and it's typically found in beer and wine.

When I found out that my dear and talented friend Adrienne Stillman Krausz, a Certified Sommelier and author of two cocktail books Where Bartenders Drink and Spirited: Cocktails from Around the World, had started a curated non-alcoholic beverage company - The Dry Goods Beverage Company - I knew we had to collaborate.

I reached out with my (admittedly challenging) criteria for non-alcoholic drink options that would work for folks who are healing their gut, and also working to reduce anxiety and manage stress. Since sugar and excess yeast can both contribute to anxiety, as well as gut issues, avoiding them was key. I also explained that citric acid isn't ideal, as I work with a number of people recovering from mold illness, and citric acid can trigger mold symptoms for some.

Together, we selected some really fun options that not only avoid any potential toxins, some also provide health-promoting herbs. Check out this fun free guide we put together and let us know what you think!

Dry Goods Drinks x SMW handout_FINAL
Download PDF • 2.30MB

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