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Virtual Muscle Testing Can Unblock the Emotions, Energies and Eating Habits Behind Your Anxiety

Article written by Johanna McWeeney, a writer and client who was generously willing to share her experience working with me.

It was late evening here in the UK, and I had just logged on for my first virtual session with Stephanie. I wasn’t sure what to expect. I have spoken with a nutritionist before when gut issues were a problem. And I’ve experienced energy work, coaching and many other therapies. From the outset, this was different.

Stephanie is trained in a long list of healing modalities. With a background in Traditional Chinese Medicine, she is board certified in holistic nutrition and certified in EFT tapping, as well as Emotion and Body Code™ and Mind Body Spirit Release™ energy work.

“My specialty is gut health, stress, and anxiety management,” Stephanie told me. “I integrated the tapping because I was seeing so many patients with digestive issues, and there was such a strong emotional component almost every time.”

Tapping is a proven trauma relief technique that offers lasting results. Research shows that it lowers levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, more than talk therapy. It reduces anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, pain, and cravings, and even increases happiness.

Stephanie trained in Emotion and Body CodeTM and Mind Body Spirit Release because many of her clients were displaying physical symptoms that had an emotional and energetic element. “It has been miraculous for some people,” she explained. “Especially for clients dealing with fatigue, pain, sleep issues and anxiety.”

I was aware of the connections between body and mind, and that emotions can become trapped in the body. The American poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou, once said, “You are the sum total of everything you've ever seen, heard, eaten, smelled, been told, forgot – it's all there.” She was right…

Did You Know, Anxiety Relates to Diet?

The session fell naturally into three parts. After we’d covered my symptoms, diet, and lifestyle in detail, Stephanie asked me, “If I were to wave a magic wand and grant you your health wishes, what would your top three health outcomes be?” I told her I would like to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed. To let go of the anxiety I’ve had since childhood. And to resolve my overactive bladder. Stephanie explained that anxiety can be passed down through generations. We absorb mental patterns from parents, and even inherit them from ancestors. This might sound crazy, but scientists are increasingly giving credence to the idea that trauma can pass from one generation to another.

To address the anxiety, Stephanie began with some practical nutritional advice. She explained that sugar and gluten can both trigger anxiety. “Sugar can make you feel worse the same day or the next day. With gluten, there can be a delay of about three days,” she said. She suggested I replace processed sugar with coconut sugar, honey, or maple syrup. These natural sugars are metabolised differently and tend not to contribute to anxiety to the same degree. She also explained that protein, which I already know is essential for energy, is important for anxiety too. We need it to make calming brain chemicals like serotonin and GABA. Nobody has ever explained diet to me in terms of anxiety before.

Pinpointing Imbalances with Muscle Testing

For the next part of our session, Stephanie used virtual muscle testing to identify imbalances in my diet. Muscle testing is a practice that has long been used by holistic practitioners such as nutritionists and chiropractors. It is most often done in person but works just as well remotely. “It’s common practice for the practitioner to use themselves as a proxy,” Stephanie explained. In Stephanie’s own health journey, virtual muscle testing was the key piece. “It was the only thing that allowed me to resolve my health problem, even after seeing many functional medicine practitioners,” she told me.

From the energetic health scan, Stephanie identified a need for liver and mitochondrial support. “There is a concept called the cell danger response,” she explained. “When the body senses danger, if there’s emotional stress or inflammation, the cells can go into shut-down mode. This affects the mitochondria, which are the parts of the cell that produce energy. You can feel tired and anxious, because there are mitochondria throughout the body, including the brain.”

After suggesting some foods I should add to my diet, Stephanie identified two supplements, giving me clear dosage guidance.

A Gentle Way to Clear Emotional and Energetic Blocks

Next, we moved to the Emotion and Body Code™ and Mind Body Spirit Release™ energy work. Again, Stephanie used herself as a proxy to identify and then clear any blocks. During this process, questions were minimal. There was no need to delve into the psychological issues, deep memories, or underlying beliefs around the blocks. Nonetheless, Stephanie clearly described the process and even the ages at which certain events had happened.

Alongside several physical blocks, she identified an energy block in my memory field, related to my career. “The memory field is a collection of memories from a certain time in your life,” she told me. “Memory fields can develop their own vibration or identity within you. Just like a trapped emotion, they can create an energy block.” I realised after our session, the date she ascribed to this particular block was around 2006, when I was in my late twenties. At this time, I experienced a bad physical injury that stopped me from working for nearly a full year.

As she explored my symptoms using muscle testing for trapped energies, Stephanie identified trapped trauma, energies and emotions related to other events, many of which I had forgotten. One was as far back as my ninth year; others were much more recent. In every instance, I could identify the event connected with the energy or emotion.

Peeling Away the Layers to Free Your True Self

In the days that followed, I felt less anxious. More open. Tired, as my body adjusted. I slept a lot, and I felt and processed some grief around those trapped events that were now cleared. I stopped needing to pee so much.

Stephanie typically works with clients for several months. “You may feel a shift straight away, and we can achieve a lot in one or two months,” she told me. “The body is always ready to let go of certain things at certain times. It peels away in layers”.

I logged off our call, confident that Stephanie has given me a clear path forward. That she has already helped me move beyond some old energetic impressions of myself. But what struck me most was the realisation that, throughout our lives, we absorb energy, ideas, and identities from events we may not even remember. And how freeing it is to be able to let that go.

Want to work with Stephanie to find your inner and outer balance?

Book a free discovery call or if you’re ready to get started right away, call The Morrison Center to book an appointment: 212-989-9828 ext. 1.

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